Welcome to browniemall

Our focus is on connecting black-owned businesses with customers who are enthusiastic about supporting black business and buying black-owned products in South Africa.

As an e-commerce business, our focus is on promoting and selling black-owned products from businesses in South Africa.

Founded in 2020 as the first-of-its-kind multi-vendor online store, Browniemall seeks to
– meet the demand for products by black-owned businesses across different industries.
– Foster the culture of buying Black and
– Celebrate black excellence.
Browniemall is dedicated to inspire customers from all corners of South Africa through a peculiar combination of products, exclusivity, and creativity.

Browniemall carries everything you need in your life to be vibrant, unpredictable, and distinct.
From a well-curated mix of on-trend African handmade jewellery, bags, shoes, hats, backpacks to handpicked designer clothing.

Not only that, but Browniemall also offers everything you need to decorate your home or your apartment with nowhere else to be found collection that includes tapestries, bedding, rugs, and furniture. You can also buy other items ranging from hair products, baby food, beverages to books, and more.

Our mission is to empower black entrepreneurs in South Africa to market and sell their products to consumers from every corner of South Africa.

So how does Browniemall work?

On Browniemall, Black-owned businesses and solo entrepreneurs can create a fully-fledged online store and list the products for free. There are no monthly subscription fees. No product listing fees.

Consumers across South Africa can shop for a variety of products via their PC, Tablets or smartphone. Products that you can find on Browniemall range from handmade African jewelry, perfumes, premium brand granolas, baby foods to custom-made furniture.

Browniemall is owned and operated by Brownie Brands (Pty) Ltd, an ICT company that believes in the power of capacitating black entrepreneurs in South Africa to curb poverty, reduced inequality and grow the economy.

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