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Dear potential seller,

Bandela here – the Chief Product Officer of Browniemall.

Buying black products in South Africa seems like a straightforward decision. Despite the need for economic empowerment, the action has become more of a novelty than a way of life.

In a country where it’s hard to pinpoint what is 100% (or close to 100%) black-owned and where some perceived ‘black businesses’ are owned by white people, finding black-owned products has become laborious.

There are millions of consumers in South Africa who are searching for black-owned products. Most of them end up discouraged as they find it challenging to do so. At the same, buying the existing products is cumbersome as they are not readily available at the large retail stores.

After discovering these challenges, we were like:

“Why don’t we build a digital platform that will be the go-to home for all black-owned products in South Africa? A platform like Amazon, Takealot, Flipkart and others.”

That is when Browniemall was born.

Browniemall is a multi-vendor online store that  promote and sell black-owned products using modern e-commerce tools. We are building an ecosystem that will give prominence to and retail great products created and owned by the black minds in South Africa.

We want to make the purchasing process easy and fun.

We have watched social media. We have noticed black consumers need a digital platform where they can trade black-owned products safely.

And that is what Browniemall offers.

Browniemall also gives visibility and reach to black businesses of any size. We founded Browniemall on the principle of providing black communities with access to goods and services that affect their local economies positively, thus contributing to the upliftment of black-owned businesses.

So if you are a black business owner, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey of changing the landscape for the better. So partner with us and start selling your products with Browniemall.