Tlotsa Hair Combo (4-in-1 )

Brand: Tlotsa

Get this 4-in-1 Tlotsa Hair Combo at a low price of R199. This combo comes with a 400ml Tlotsa conditioner, 400ml Tlotsa shampoo, 150ml Tlotsa hair oil and 125ml Tlotsa hair food

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Get this 4-in-1 Tlotsa Hair Combo at a low price of R199. This combo comes with a 400ml Tlotsa conditioner, 400ml Tlotsa shampoo, 150ml Tlotsa hair oil and 125ml Tlotsa hair food.

Below are the benefits of the Tlotsa hair combo

1.) Tlotsa Shampoo

The Tlotsa Shampoo is a natural-based shampoo made from aloe extracts.

It comes in a 400ml bottle.

Tlotsa shampoo is an incredible hair cleanser capable of softening your hair that removes soil, oils, sweat and dead skin cells accumulated on the scalp.

It treats itchy and flaky scalp.

It also minimises hair fall and keeps the scalp nourished and moisturised.

To top it all:

The aloe vera based Tlotsa shampoo can increase blood flow to your scalp, resulting in hair growth.

Combining the Tlotsa shampoo with the Tlotsa conditioner can produce amazing results, leading to less hair breakage and hair loss.

But last not least, the Tlotsa shampoo is less harsh on hair. It’s FREE FROM SULPHATES.


2.) Tlotsa Conditioner

Tlotsa conditioner is another hit from the powerful Tlotsa hair combo.

Using the Tlotsa conditioner frequently will improve the appearance, feel and manageability of your hair.

It makes combing and brushing your hair far easy by reducing friction between your hair strands.

Using the Tlotsa conditioner has a variety of benefits. It prevents hair breakage and tangling.

It also makes your hair soft and smooth.

Not only that…

the Tlotsa conditioner is a powerful tool to fight frizzy hair, to define curl or increase hair volume.

3.) Tlotsa Hairfood

Tlotsa Hairfood is formulated with a combination of avocado and aloe plant extracts.

It is one of the most potent hair food on the market.

Here’s why…

First, it’s naturally based.

Applying the Tlotsa hair food daily will nourish your hair, FORTIFYING it with the naturally occurring ingredients.

Tlotsa Hair Food

It will give your hair that silky smooth and robust feel.

And thanks to the Avocado, the Tlotsa hair food will coat your hair shaft and help it retain moisture – providing long-lasting, deep hydration.

It also has a high content of antioxidants to prevent hair damage from free radicals.



This hair food is also enriched with aloe extracts – synonymous with other Tlotsa products.

The aloe has proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

Not only that…

It will also condition your hair, promote hair growth, prevent itching scalp and reduce dandruff.

The hair food is also formulated with shea butter, vitamin E, petroleum jelly and a blend of essential to promote hair growth (by unclogging hair follicles) and prevent dandruff as well as nourish it.

4.) Tlotsa Hair Oil

Tlotsa hair oil is specially formulated to enhance and condition your hair, leaving it silky smooth, shiny and strong.

The oil also promotes hair growth, replaces lost moisture, protects against breakage and hair fall.

For best results, use the Tlotsa hair oil with Tlotsa shampoo and Tlotsa conditioner.

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