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    Tlotsa Face Soap Bar (6 x 160g ) R299.00

    Get 6 X 160g Tlotsa Face Soap Bar for A LOW Price of R299

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    Tlotsa Soap (6 x 100g) Original price was: R200.00.Current price is: R180.00.

    ‘- A pack of 6 100g Tlotsa soaps.
    – 100% Pure Soap enriched with Alore and Moringa for healthy-looking skin.
    – A great natural treatment for acne, reducing blemishes, lightening dark spots, freckles and having a good facial skin tone.
    – It has amazing detoxifying and rejuvenating properties that enhance natural skin colour and tone.
    – It reduces sebum secretion, fights bacteria, purifies your skin by filtering out impurities deeply rooted within the skin.

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